Roses & Rain

Experience Nudesse : The Dreamiest Aroma of Roses and Rain

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Hi there! Welcome to Overose! I hope you are feeling fantastic! Did you know that all our products are cruelty free and vegan? Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything! Have fun exploring our website!

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Exalting Dreaminess

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Wrap yourself in Overose fragrances and feel the magic of our dreamy aromas melting with your skin and creating an intimacy personal to your own chemistry.


1 review
Entranced With Floral Freshness


3 reviews
Vanilla Wood That Feels Like Silk
Exalt Your Natural Sweetness


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Emerging From The Waves

Dreamy Candles

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Your are one wick away to experience an Overose moment : A rose garden after the rain-shower, a romantic breakfast in bed on a lazy Sunday, a dreamy escape to the countryside, a relaxing walk in a Parisian garden...



19 reviews
Roses & Rain

Nudesse Holo

11 reviews
Roses & Rain
Top Rated


14 reviews
Palo Santo & Vanilla


10 reviews
Peaches, Green Figs & Coconut

Overose Bakery

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You don’t need to fly to Paris to experience the delicious aroma of the dreamy Parisian bakeries! Just light an Overose gourmet candle!



13 reviews
100% Parisian Warm Croissant
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20 reviews
Parisian Deliciousness


5 reviews


5 reviews
The Happiest Fragrance

Dreaming of Overose

Welcome to the world of Overose! We created the products we were dreaming about : Exiting designs, dreamy products that are vegan and cruelty free, the use of magical natural raw materials and exquisite aromas. We believe in magic and we want to infuse your daily life with the dreamiest designs and experiences! Our signature fragrance bottles are rendered in a feel good wave design and are adorned with our iconic holo glow. We created a unique candle design which consist of a seamless monochromatic look, a signature design infused with decadent fragrances to delight all the senses. Get ready to fall in Loverose!

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